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Emmasingel 23A-S-Eindhoven_00.jpg
5611 AZ  Eindhoven
T: +31 40 2329050
F: +31 40 2329059

From our Eindhoven office, Arnold + Siedsma covers the high-tech southern Netherlands region, which has developed over the years in and around Eindhoven. This region, also known as the Brainport region, is one of the top three in Europe in terms of patent density, and has the largest share of total private R&D spend in the Netherlands. A very large number of leading technology companies and knowledge and research institutions are based in the region. Furthermore, the region is not restricted to the southern Netherlands. The entire Eindhoven – Leuven – Aken triangle (ELAt) is an important knowledge area.

Arnold + Siedsma specialists have extensive experience in advising these high-tech companies and institutions. They are fully conversant with the special dynamics and requirements associated with working for companies and institutions of this type.

The office is located in a distinctive office building in the heart of the city, right next to the Lichttoren [Lighthouse], a symbol of the Eindhoven city of light. The office is located at walking distance from the Central Station and can easily be reached by public transport. An underground car park is located under the office building so that you can easily get to the office by car.