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A number of vivid examples of the practical involvement of our attorneys and lawyers can be found in the description of the following “Showcases”:

Optimal fibre network

Connection of homes, businesses and authorities to high-speed universal broadband. The corporate mission of Jelcer Networks B.V. from Dedemsvaart is to connect homes, businesses and authorities to ... Read more

Nullification of a patent in opposition

  The company: Federal Mogul is an American multinational. The company is a global supplier of products for the automotive, rail and aerospace industries. Federal Mogul, already an Arnold + S ... Read more

Flight navigation system

Cut-throat competition prevails in the aerospace industry. Two major players dominate the stage: the American Boeing and the French Airbus. The patent attorneys of these two aviation giants recent ... Read more

Elimination patent for audio card reader

‘You have to be able to switch quickly from thinking like a lawyer to thinking like an engineer’ Being a patent attorney is no different from being a lawyer.Attorneys often have to defe ... Read more

Senz° storm umbrella

Sound advice and a long-term association - in practice! The following actual case demonstrates how important it is to obtain good protection for your invention.  Raimond Haan works as Dutch, ... Read more

Tvilight: intelligent street lighting delivers energy savings of up to 80%

Millions of lamp posts light the streets of Europe every night. That’s good for safety of course, but unfortunately the lights stay on even when the streets are empty. That is an enormous wast ... Read more