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Practice areas

Practice areas

At Arnold + Siedsma, we are focussed on meeting the IP needs of small, medium and large corporate clients, in the Benelux, Europe and worldwide. Our experience covers all aspect of intellectual property rights.

Our services are focussed on the following practice areas: patents, trademarks, designs, litigation, strategy & innovation, innovation & finance. We have patent attorneys, trademark and design attorneys and attorneys at law experienced accross all technical and legal disciplines. The attorneys are grouped in teams with specific technical and legal skills focused on specific fields of technology or industries.

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The development or improvement of a product or method costs time and money. It is therefore important to protect the fruits of your labours. This can be done by establishing your idea in the form of a patent. However, a patent offers more than just protection; it also provides valuable information ... Read more

Practice area Trademarks

Trademarks play a more and more significant part in our lives. Our choice of trademark is a statement about ourselves and our place in the world. Trademarks are all about identification, communication and recognition. In order to become and remain successful, companies therefore devote much time a ... Read more

Practice area Designs

Importance is currently attached not only to the useful function of a product, but also to its design, which is at least as important. The general public is receptive to shapes. After all, an original design contributes to the positive image of a product and therefore to its success. The same appl ... Read more

Practice area Attorney at law

Our lawyers translate technology into law and vice versa. Our clients include large and medium-sized national and international undertakings, including pharmaceutical companies, universities and research establishments, companies from the high-tech graphics industry, automotive industry and compan ... Read more

Practice area Figures and drawings

Drawings of the innovation, trademark (for example the logo) or design form an important part of a patent, trademark or design. Arnold + Siedsma is one of the few patent and trademark offices with its own specialist drawing department with professional draughtsmen. Arnold + Siedsma draughtsmen c ... Read more

Strategy & innovation

Why are some businesses strong on innovation, constantly bringing new products onto the market, while others are not?If your competitor can gain an advantage with a trademark, design right and/or copyright, why can't you?  The first step is a sound plan. You may consider a number of points h ... Read more

Innovation & finances

Intellectual property rights can develop into essential components of a business. First of all, these components need to be clearly identified. Various aspects may play a part or be used for your business. Arnold + Siedsma, in some cases working together with a partner, can advise you on all of th ... Read more

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