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Intellectual property rights can develop into essential components of a business. First of all, these components need to be clearly identified. Various aspects may play a part or be used for your business. Arnold + Siedsma, in some cases working together with a partner, can advise you on all of these aspects.

Sometimes, all you need to do is exercise your intellectual property rights yourself in order to increase the revenue of your business.

However, you can also grant licences to third parties, and receive royalties in return.

To find out whether you are maximising the value/revenue of your portfolio, you can arrange for Arnold + Siedsma to analyse your patent, trademark and design portfolio.

Due diligence

The value of a company increasingly resides in intangible assets such as patents, trademarks, images and copyrights. Arnold + Siedsma can assess the technological and legal value of existing intellectual property rights.


The value of an intellectual property right can be determined. If necessary, we at Arnold + Siedsma can engage the services of our business associates, such as accountants. The valuation can be used to estimate the value of a transfer of the right to another party, but also for the accurate assessment of possible licensing payments.


A right of lien can be established on some intellectual property rights. Your patent may, for example, be used as a security when taking up a loan.

A right of lien is established by means of an entry in the patent register, which Arnold + Siedsma can arrange for you. If the right of lien is not recorded, or is not recorded correctly, in the register, the secured creditor may come away empty-handed. The amount of the security depends of course on the commercial value of the right. As well as determining this commercial value, Arnold + Siedsma can advise you on how to maximise this value.

Specific financial aspects of intellectual property rights

The various intellectual property rights also have their own specific commercial aspects.

More information on patents can be found here.

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