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Protection inventions

The development or improvement of a product or method costs time and money. It is therefore important to protect the fruits of your labours. This can be done by establishing your idea in the form of a patent. However, a patent offers more than just protection; it also provides valuable information and inspiration for future inventors and researchers.

Our patent attorneys have the in-house technical expertise to arrange the registration of patents for you at home and abroad. The services we provide range from initial examination and consultancy through to the patent application and registration. Furthermore, our patent attorneys ensure the protection of your rights in any opposition proceedings in which your patent is opposed or you oppose someone else's patent. Working together with our lawyers, the patent attorneys also ensure that your rights are upheld, for example in the event of any infringement of your patent.

What is a patent

A good idea may be glaringly simple and does not have to be complex per se. It may involve a product or product improvement, a production process or method, but it may also be a new application of an existing product. A patent is an exclusive right to an invention. It protects the inventor agains ... Read more

Your situation

You have a good idea and want to establish it in the form of a patent. Or you own a patent, but are confronted with infringement by or a conflicting patent of a competitor. You have a specific question concerning the patent procedure. Or you are looking for support in negotiations on licensing rig ... Read more

Patenting procedures

The procedure for obtaining a patent begins with the filing of a patent application with the body responsible for issuing patents. Within the first twelve months (i.e. within the “priority year”) following the submission of the patent application, one or more further patent application ... Read more

Patent & infringement

Arnold + Siedsma supports companies if someone copies your invention. The points that you must consider in the event of imitation are summarised here. Similarly, if your company is accused, or will possibly be accused, of infringement of someone else's patent, you can contact Arnold + Siedsma. Th ... Read more


Software development normally takes up a lot of time and money. The marketing of the new software then requires substantial investments to sell the product. Unfortunately, digital piracy is rife across the world, with companies or individuals illegally using, copying or distributing software witho ... Read more

Database law

As a company, you have collected the information you require over time. Part of this information is stored in databases. Perhaps you wish to disclose part of this information, for example for your customers or for the general public. The setting up (and maintaining) of a database is often a time-c ... Read more


Semiconductors, better known as ‘chips’, have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. They perform an electronic function in computers, household appliances, media equipment, cars, medical equipment and industrial installations. Technical developments make it possible to fit i ... Read more

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