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Patent & infringement

Arnold + Siedsma supports companies if someone copies your invention. The points that you must consider in the event of imitation are summarised here.

Similarly, if your company is accused, or will possibly be accused, of infringement of someone else's patent, you can contact Arnold + Siedsma. The points that you must consider in the event of infringement are summarised here.


Prevention is better than cure. This old saying also applies to patent infringement. Arnold + Siedsma can help you prevent patent infringement. An important weapon in this battle is referred to as monitoring, i.e. a search in a specific specialist field for patent applications/publications and/or ... Read more

Invalidity of patent

You can always oppose the validity of a granted patent by instigating legal proceedings for that purpose, whereby you ask the court in ‘nullification proceedings’ to declare the patent totally or partially invalid. The lawyers and patent attorneys of Arnold + Siedsma can support you in ... Read more

Committing an infringement

Your competitor believes that you are infringing one of its patents. This is irksome, as it presents an impending hindrance to your commercial activities. Arnold + Siedsma can support you in contesting the claim with (substantive) defence, both legal and technical. A Dutch or Belgian patent which ... Read more

Infringement procedure

If someone else is found to be copying your invention, or if a company accuses you of infringing a patent, you can contact Arnold + Siedsma. If your patent is being infringed, Arnold + Siedsma specialists can assist you with their expertise. They will ensure that your rights are enforced and will ... Read more

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