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You have a good idea and want to establish it in the form of a patent. Or you own a patent, but are confronted with infringement by or a conflicting patent of a competitor. You have a specific question concerning the patent procedure. Or you are looking for support in negotiations on licensing rights. Arnold + Siedsma is the company to turn to in all of these cases.

Arnold + Siedsma offers a range of patent and patent-related services. In each of the phases of the development of a product or service, it is advisable to make contact with the patent attorney.

Before the invention

Innovation is one of the cornerstones of economic policy in Europe and innovation is stimulated in many different ways. Arnold + Siedsma advises businesses even before the actual invention is created. It is advisable to involve Arnold + Siedsma in your company’s technical development proces ... Read more

Immediately after the invention

If an actual invention has been created, the patent attorney is the best point of contact to consider the next steps. As soon as the invention is actually created, its novelty can be examined. You can arrange for a preliminary novelty search to be carried out. Cost planning can be drawn up, poss ... Read more

Obtaining a patent

The first step towards protecting the invention is the drafting and filing of a patent application. Arnold + Siedsma will choose the most suitable procedure. Arnold + Siedsma will take care of all administrative matters associated with a patent portfolio. Arnold + Siedsma looks after the managemen ... Read more

Ongoing procedure

You have an ongoing procedure to obtain a (patent) right or you already have one or more patents. The following points should be considered: Second opinion To find out whether the procedure has run smoothly so far and/or whether your legal position is as you think it should be, Arnold + Siedsma ... Read more

Ownership of a patent

A patent is owned by one or more natural persons or legal entities. The patent may be sold or transferred. The general term for this is assignment. Intellectual property rights may change owners. A patent or trademark may, for example, be sold. Other changes may also occur. A merger or change of ... Read more


Specifically for European patents, it is important to choose the right countries following the grant of your European patent. This is referred to as validation. A balance must be struck here between costs and benefits. Arnold + Siedsma can advise you on the choice of countries. Arnold + Siedsma ... Read more


In most counties, you will have to pay for the maintenance of the patent/patent application. This payment is referred to as the annual fee or maintenance fee. In each case, you can make a commercial assessment of whether the benefits of protection justify the recurring costs. Arnold + Siedsma can ... Read more


You may lose out if your invention is imitated. Arnold + Siedsma can provide advice on possible responses to infringement or imitation. It is important to collect convincing evidence of the infringement. Our patent attorneys and lawyers will be pleased to help you assess the evidentiary material. ... Read more

Infringement of someone else's patent

Irrespective of the technical field in which you are active, it is highly likely that you will need to consider other innovators. In that case, you and your competitors must sooner or later take each other's patents into account. Assessing your situation Whenever you innovate, it is important to ... Read more

Commercial instruments

Standardisation Getting a patent incorporated into a specific technical standard (for example, the technical specifications for a product or method prescribed by a body, such as DVD, MPEG, etc.)may result in substantial value added for your patent. Due diligence The value of a company resides i ... Read more

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