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Drawings and designs

Importance is currently attached not only to the useful function of a product, but also to its design, which is at least as important. The general public is receptive to shapes. After all, an original design contributes to the positive image of a product and therefore to its success. The same applies even to standard products, which can therefore occupy a unique position in the market. It is therefore very important to protect the appearance of the product, so that you as a designer or right holder acquire an exclusive right to this design. In this situation, third parties may not offer products with a similar appearance.

The appearance of a product (three-dimensional) or drawing/pattern (two-dimensional) can be protected as a design. This always involves the appearance of a specific product or a specific drawing, not the protection of an idea.

What is a design

The appearance of a product (three-dimensional), a drawing or pattern (two-dimensional) or a visible part thereof can be protected worldwide via design rights. However, a prerequisite is that the design and therefore the appearance must be novel (has not yet been brought into the public domain) and ... Read more

Our service

It is largely a question of dealing with formalities and requirements. You must meet a number of requirements in order to protect the appearance of your product in the correct manner. Our specialist design attorneys have the right expertise and experience to request the required protection for you ... Read more

Design law or patent law

In the case of designs everything revolves around the new appearance of an object. Patents are intended to protect technical inventions and are granted for inventions. If the object has not only a new appearance but also a technical effect, patent protection can possibly be recommended. A pat ... Read more

Design searches

Substantial commercial and financial interests are normally at stake in the development and launch of a new product. In this context, it may be worthwhile investigating the design registrations of your competitors, or checking whether your design or a similar design has already been registered. A ... Read more

Design registration

A design must be registered if the full protection of the design right is to be enjoyed. The design is afforded protection in the country and region in which it has been registered in the official design register. Although the requirements for design protection in most countries are broadly simila ... Read more

Where to protect

A design can be protected worldwide if that is what you require. Although the procedures for design registrations are not always identical in the different countries, the ultimate aim is the same, i.e. to obtain an exclusive right to your design in a geographical area that is of interest to you (t ... Read more


Given that a renewal of your design registration may take place some time after the filing of your design, our design attorneys will be pleased to arrange a consultation with you prior to the renewal to examine whether the design registration data are still up-to-date and whether renewal is desira ... Read more


From a strategic standpoint, it may be important to obtain information on the composition of the design portfolio of your competitors, or information on the registered and published designs in a specific product group. By means of a monitoring subscription based on one of these subjects (name of f ... Read more

Infringement and nullification

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A licence is the permission which the design holder gives to a third party to use the design of his products or the drawings thereof under specific conditions. It makes sense to set out agreements of this type in a contract and to arrange for an abridged declaration of this to be recorded with the ... Read more

Customs authority actions

The Netherlands and Belgium, as the “gateway to Europe”, are two of the most important transit countries for goods from around the world. Imitation and illegal copying often cross the borders and parallel import and other forms of infringement occur. The customs authorities can seize ... Read more

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