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Design law or patent law?

In the case of designs everything revolves around the new appearance of an object. Patents are intended to protect technical inventions and are granted for inventions. If the object has not only a new appearance but also a technical effect, patent protection can possibly be recommended. A patent bestows protection on the technical invention, regardless of the appearance of the final product. The design, on the other hand, protects only the appearance of an object, regardless of its functionality. Design law therefore protects a different aspect compared with patent law and it is therefore possible for both design and patent protection to be requested for a specific product. Due to the legal requirements of these forms of protection, it is particularly important that applications of this type are carefully coordinated with one another. A hallmark of the service provided by Arnold + Siedsma is the close collaboration between the design and patent attorneys, allowing us to provide you with optimum protection for your product.

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