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It is largely a question of dealing with formalities and requirements. You must meet a number of requirements in order to protect the appearance of your product in the correct manner. Our specialist design attorneys have the right expertise and experience to request the required protection for your designs on a worldwide scale. The services we provide range from examination and assessment of your design or someone else’s design and the application for and registration of your designs, through to the monitoring of the ensuing rights. In this context, we can also assist our clients with conflict handling. This conflict handling may relate to possible infringement of your design, but equally to the situation wherein you are accused of committing an infringement.

With every form of infringement, we examine whether the situation can be resolved by mutual consent between the parties, or whether legal action is required. In the latter case, we intervene in consultation with our own lawyers, who can instigate civil or criminal proceedings to counter the infringement.Whatever position you are in, we will be pleased to assist you in efficiently and vigorously safeguarding your interests, whereby procedural aspects and possible consequences of the chosen legal strategy are already taken into account at an early stage through the collaboration with our legal department.

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