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Trademarks play a more and more significant part in our lives. Our choice of trademark is a statement about ourselves and our place in the world. Trademarks are all about identification, communication and recognition. In order to become and remain successful, companies therefore devote much time and money to the branding of their products or services. It is often a combination of factors such as the name, visual elements, shape, colour and sound that provide you with a unique “face”. By protecting your trademark, you can safeguard this unique “face” and keep your competitors at bay.

What is a trademark

Trademarks come in all shapes and sizes. Large and small. Worldwide and closer to home. Legally, any symbol which is able to distinguish the products or services of a company can be a trademark. However, a trademark must not be too descriptive, indicative or misleading for the products and service ... Read more

Our service

Our trademark attorneys can organise the registration of trademarks for you at home and abroad. The services we provide range from research and consultancy through to the application, registration and monitoring of trademarks. We can also conduct opposition proceedings for you as prosecution or de ... Read more

Trademark searches

Substantial investments in production, advertising and marketing are required in order to launch a trademark on the market. This includes a thorough and efficient search before the launch and the protection of your trademark. Our trademark attorneys will give you expert advice on the trademarks th ... Read more

Trademark registration

If the opinion resulting from the trademark search indicates that your trademark is available and can be filed, Arnold + Siedsma will take care of the actual application for trademark protection with the designated official body or bodies. Obtaining a trademark registration is the only way that yo ... Read more


A trademark registration can be extended without limitation by periods of 10 years. Given the lengthy time interval between the filing and the renewal, our patent attorneys will be pleased to meet with you prior to the renewal to consider whether the trademark registration is still up-to-date. If ... Read more


In the Benelux, the European Union and in many other countries, the registration procedure offers an opposition facility. This is a reasonably simple way to lodge an appeal with the official trademark office of a specific country or territory against the registration of a later, similar trademark ... Read more


If you have registered your trademark, you will want third parties to keep their distance and not use any similar trademarks. We can help you here by monitoring your trademark. This will allow us to inform you in good time if a trademark is filed which is identical to your trademark or bears a str ... Read more

Infringement and nullification

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A licence is a permission which the trademark holder gives to a third party to use its trademark under specific conditions. It makes sense to set out these conditions and the associated agreements in a contract and to arrange for an abridged declaration of this to be recorded in the trademark regi ... Read more

Trademark maintenance

Maintenance of your portfolio is at least as important as the registration of your trademarks. Monitoring of your position and the use of your trademark plays an important part in this. Our trademark attorneys will be pleased to advise you regarding the obligations imposed on you as a trademark ho ... Read more

Trade names

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Domain names

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Customs authority actions

The Netherlands and Belgium, as the “gateway to Europe”, are among the world's most important transit countries for goods from around the world. There are frequent cases of imitation, illegal copying, parallel import and other forms of infringement. The customs authorities can seize i ... Read more

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