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Changes to your trademark registration

Changing the trademark holder’s details

The trademark holder's details may change over time, for example as a result of a relocation, a change of name of the holder or the transfer of the trademark registration to third parties. These changes can be recorded in the register. Read more

Changing a trademark

There is no facility to change your trademark in your trademark registration over the years and adapt it to the modified or restyled form which you perhaps now use in practice. In such cases, a new trademark registration is required. Read more

Do the Arnold + Siedsma brand/trademark check
Arnold + Siedsma would be pleased to quickly check whether your trademark (word / logo / etc) is protected and / or has opportunities for improvement.
By answering the following questions, we can give you some brief advice. This free service is only a limited check.
If you have more questions, please feel free to contact Nicole van Roon, or +31 70 3654833.