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Customs authority actions

The Netherlands and Belgium, as the “gateway to Europe”, are among the world's most important transit countries for goods from around the world. There are frequent cases of imitation, illegal copying, parallel import and other forms of infringement.

The customs authorities can seize imitation goods or goods obtained through piracy at the European Union border in order to give the holder of an intellectual property right (such as a trademark right, copyright, design right and patent right) the opportunity to take legal action against this. The customs authorities may intervene at their own initiative (automatically), but also at the request of third parties. The latter option in particular is an effective preventive weapon against infringement of intellectual property rights. We submit requests of this type for many of our clients.

A request of this type informs the customs authorities of the intellectual property rights and the nature of the products, allowing them to distinguish more easily between the original products and the imitation products. In addition, they will be more aware of the importation of imitation products. We have outstanding contacts with the Dutch and Belgian customs authorities and as a result increasing quantities of pirated goods from outside the European Union are intercepted. Furthermore, we have extensive experience not only in the submission of requests of this type, but also in ensuring a fast and accurate follow-up of the required actions to destroy the imitation products.

The orders issued by the customs authorities for intervention against imitation are valid for a maximum of one year, unless the registered intellectual property right expires earlier. Arnold + Siedsma relieves you of the concern of customs authority requests and the instigation and follow-up of the actions required, and ensures that your customs authority request is renewed in a timely manner.

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