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Our trademark attorneys can organise the registration of trademarks for you at home and abroad. The services we provide range from research and consultancy through to the application, registration and monitoring of trademarks. We can also conduct opposition proceedings for you as prosecution or defence, and take action in the event of impending or real trademark infringement. If an infringement is involved, we investigate whether the situation between the parties can be settled by mutual consent, or whether legal action is required. In the latter case, we take action in consultation with our own lawyers, who can instigate civil or criminal proceedings to counter the infringement. Conversely, we can also assist you if you are accused of committing an infringement and we have to defend your position. Whatever position you are in, we will be pleased to assist you in efficiently and vigorously safeguarding your interests, whereby procedural aspects and possible consequences of the chosen legal strategy are already taken into account at an early stage through the collaboration with our legal department.

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Arnold + Siedsma would be pleased to quickly check whether your trademark (word / logo / etc) is protected and / or has opportunities for improvement.
By answering the following questions, we can give you some brief advice. This free service is only a limited check.
If you have more questions, please feel free to contact Nicole van Roon, or +31 70 3654833.