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Attorney at law services

Overview of the services provided by our legal department:


In patent cases, our legal team works closely with the patent attorneys. They are all on the same wavelength. We have the technical expertise in-house and can arrange translations for you, so that a court and/or contracting party understands the subject-matter and can assess your right to its valu ... Read more

The Arnold + Siedsma business check

Trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights (‘IP rights’) such as designs, copyright and trade names add significant economic value to your business. You can exploit these rights yourself or share your rights with third parties. The economic value of trademarks, designs, ... Read more


Our lawyers act on behalf of trademark holders and advise them on the management, protection and exploitation of their trademark portfolio. In addition, they are experienced in conducting opposition proceedings before the Benelux Trademark Office (BOIP), European Union Intellectual Property Office ... Read more


The design right is an important supplement to the protection afforded by the trademark right and copyright. Our trademark and design attorneys will support you in obtaining your design right and in defending it if necessary before the granting bodies. Our lawyers can support our trademark and d ... Read more


The protection of ‘works of literature, science and art’ is regulated by the Copyright Act. As the creator of such a work you have an automatic claim to copyright at the moment of creation. You do not therefore have to fulfil any formalities, such as entry in a register or payment of f ... Read more

Database law

Databases occupy a special position in the context of copyright. Since 1999, databases, as ‘independent works’, have been eligible for protection via copyright or via the database law. There are three different regimes for the protection of databases: ‘normal’ copyright pro ... Read more

Trade names

The trade name is the name under which a company trades. This name is protected against the risk of confusion which arises through the use of a similar name for a similar type of business activity. Our lawyers know where the boundaries lie in terms of what is and is not permissible, and can also a ... Read more

Domain names

The general rule for domain names is ‘first come first served’. However, it is possible to take action against a third party who has registered a domain name and is frustrating the existing rights of another party with it, such as trade names or trademarks. Our experts can advise and c ... Read more

Pharmaceutical law

This legal field is large and complex and covers the phases from the development of medicines through to the registration of patents, the licence application for medicinal products, medicinal product advertising law, medicinal product packaging, parallel import and the application for Supplementar ... Read more

Internet and e-commerce

Due to rapid technical developments, the law relating to the Internet and e-commerce is undergoing constant development. Although these legal fields are regulated in particular on the basis of European legislation, the Internet naturally recognises no borders. This creates additional complexity in ... Read more

Unlawful act

Our lawyers have experience in handling ‘precise imitation’ cases. They force companies which systematically and confusingly imitate your products through the courts to cease such activity. This can be done even if your product is not protected by way of an intellectual property right. ... Read more


Arnold + Siedsma can assist you in drawing up various agreements: Read more

Customs authority request

The Netherlands, as the “gateway to Europe”, is one of the most important transit countries for goods from around the world. There are frequent cases of imitation, illegal copying, parallel import and other forms of infringement. The customs authorities can seize imitation goods or go ... Read more

Other proceedings

Procedural: Seizure Dutch law offers the facility to issue a seizure order under certain circumstances. There are various types of seizure. A seizure may relate to the securing of evidence, such as a seizure of evidence combined with a seizure for inspection, surrender or even sampling. If you fe ... Read more

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