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Arnold + Siedsma can assist you in drawing up various agreements:


An invention that you make publicly accessible before you have filed a patent application (’prior art’) can no longer be protected by you via a patent. The application then no longer satisfies the novelty requirement. However, a secrecy agreement makes it possible to consult with third ... Read more


Trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights represent a significant economic value. You can exploit your intellectual property rights yourself, but you can also license them. This can provide you with additional revenue, but not without the right agreements on the conditions. All k ... Read more


You can exploit the economic value of your trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights either independently or via a cooperation. A cooperation of this type may be based on a licence agreement in which the parties, reciprocally or otherwise, give one another the right to use the int ... Read more


You may feel that another party is getting too close to your intellectual property. The parties may then choose not to instigate legal proceedings, deciding instead to go to market jointly under specific conditions. These arrangements are defined in a co-existence agreement. Arnold + Siedsma can ... Read more


A development agreement is usually entered into by parties who hold an intellectual property right which is of interest to each of them and who make arrangements on the basis of this agreement concerning the new products or methods to be developed in the future. A reciprocal cross-licence is often ... Read more

Technology transfer

You can transfer your rights to intellectual property together with the associated know-how to a third party. Formal legal requirements usually apply to the transfer of the specific right, and a transfer must be recorded in the known registers in order to have third-party effect. A transfer of th ... Read more

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