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The protection of ‘works of literature, science and art’ is regulated by the Copyright Act. As the creator of such a work you have an automatic claim to copyright at the moment of creation. You do not therefore have to fulfil any formalities, such as entry in a register or payment of fees.

Examples of copyright works include texts (novel, letter, slogan, script, brochure): works of art (paintings, drawings, sculptures etc.), jewellery, photos, works on film, musical works, game concepts, television formats, web sites, computer programs and package layouts.

In order to prevent a conflict over copyright when you present or make your creation available to third parties, proof of registration of the moment of your creation is recommended. This provides evidence of who the author of the creation is, and therefore the person entitled to the copyright. Moreover, in the case of plagiarism proceedings, this proof of registration can be of decisive significance.

Our experts can provide all necessary advice and assistance on matters relating to copyright. From registration to transfer, licensing or marketing of your copyright. Civil and criminal law remedies are available for maintaining your rights against third parties in the case of (imminent) infringement. Even after transfer of your copyright, inalienable moral rights can be violated. Arnold + Siedsma can defend your rights.

As the original author, you can assign your copyright to a third-party, for instance a publisher, film producer, broadcasting company or museum. The transfer of your copyright must be set down in writing in a deed. With this transfer the other party acquires full control over further use of your work. If you do not wish to go this far, you can grant a licence for the use of your work. This can be done both orally and in writing. In this case your copyright continues to exist. Our experts can draw up licence agreements and advise you on the options for exploiting your copyright.

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