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In patent cases, our legal team works closely with the patent attorneys. They are all on the same wavelength. We have the technical expertise in-house and can arrange translations for you, so that a court and/or contracting party understands the subject-matter and can assess your right to its value. This facilitates the efficient handling of your case at relatively low cost. The court in The Hague has exclusive jurisdiction in patent cases. This means that your case will always be assessed by an experienced court in summary proceedings or accelerated proceedings on the merits. Our lawyers are familiar with the courts. The lawyers and patent attorneys are at home with the NL Agency. In claiming the nullification of a Dutch patent, an assessment of the validity from the Patent Office can also be arranged for you. Our lawyers will ensure that you do not forfeit your right to compensation. If you are to make a claim, the infringer must know or must have reasonable grounds to know that he is committing an infringement. An infringer is notified via a summons or patent infringement notice. The latter is mandatory if your patent is still in the application phase. The legal and patent attorney team will take care of this.

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