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Compliance with the registration procedure

Procedures for obtaining and maintaining design protection are bound up with formalities defined in the form of a large number of rules and deadlines. Failure to comply with these rules or meet these deadlines may cause your design application to lapse. Knowledge of these procedures with their formalities and deadlines is therefore of vital importance. Arnold + Siedsma has specialised computer systems to keep tabs on all of these formalities and ensure that they are completed correctly and in a timely manner. We can monitor the deadlines for you and administer the registration procedures for your design in the Benelux and any other required country.

Furthermore, Arnold + Siedsma trademark attorneys have so much experience that they can set out the substantive problems that may occur during the registration procedure clearly and understandably for you, together with specific advice on how the problem can be solved. Naturally, we also play a coordinating role with regard to the possible overlaps in the different countries in which you have requested protection, so that compliance with the different registration procedures is ensured effectively and efficiently.

As a result of the available knowledge, the safeguard provided by the legal department and the availability of the legal databases with decisions of many bodies that issue rulings on design rights in most European countries, our design attorneys are fully capable of safeguarding your interests in defence or prosecution before the Benelux and the European Office. For nullification proceedings in other countries, Arnold + Siedsma can call upon an extensive and well-established partner network, enabling us to assist you with proceedings of this type in virtually any country.

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