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Do you wish to know whether a design has already been registered? At Arnold + Siedsma, we search the official design registers for the possible existence of published registrations for designs which bear too close a resemblance to your design. We can carry out searches of this type, also known as ... Read more

Competitor's portfolio

Do you wish to check up on the design registrations of your competitors? At Arnold + Siedsma, we can offer you searches by name of the design holder (filing party). We can do this for you for the Benelux and Europe, and even on a worldwide scale. The search results are analysed and commented on by ... Read more


From a strategic standpoint, it may be important to obtain information on the composition of your competitors’ design portfolios, or information on the registered and published designs in a specific product group. Arnold + Siedsma can keep this information up-to-date for you by carrying out ... Read more

Infringement/nullification proceedings – preparation

An infringement action or action in which doubt is cast on the validity of a design registration requires knowledge of earlier judicial decisions relating to design rights. Arnold + Siedsma has access to legal knowledge bases with decisions from many bodies that issue rulings on design rights in m ... Read more

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