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General services

Here you can find the services that Arnold + Siedsma offers in the domain of innovation or services relating to a number of subdomains of intellectual property. The services can be provided by our patent, trademark and design attorneys and lawyers.

IP check

A portfolio of intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, designs and/or patents, is not a static entity. To give an example: In addition to the fact that the public perception of a specific trademark can change, common practice indicates that the holder of that trademark makes changes to h ... Read more

Licence and cooperation

Any groupings and licences should be contractually defined. It is important that the arrangements are set out clearly and unambiguously in an agreement, so that the risk of you subsequently being faced with disputes relating to the content and scope of the agreement is small. A difficulty frequen ... Read more


Intellectual property rights have value. A right, such as a patent, can also serve as a security, for example for a company loan. Arnold + Siedsma can advise and assist you in procedures in which you pledge one or more of your IP rights. As well as advising on the value of a patent, Arnold + Sied ... Read more

Customs authority actions

The customs authorities offer the facility to monitor the borders of Europe for alleged imitation products or illegal copies. The customs authorities do this at their own initiative or at the request of a holder of an intellectual property right (such as a patent, trademark or design right or copy ... Read more

Service transfer

There may be many different reasons for handing over the management of your intellectual property rights to Arnold + Siedsma. If, for example, you are not satisfied with your current service provider, you are looking for an office based in your region or you wish to centralise so that you can then ... Read more


Patents, trademarks and design rights are recorded in the registers of the respective authorities. If the owner's details change, this change must also be recorded in these registers. Having the correct data will ensure that you can act more quickly in legal cases, and that you are available to th ... Read more

Registering a licence

In some countries, the registration or recording of a licence agreement in the relevant registers results in third-party effect. Through the registration of the agreement, third parties are deemed to have been informed of the existence of the agreement. Arnold + Siedsma can register the agreement ... Read more


Drawings of the innovation, trademark (for example the logo) or design form an important part of a patent, trademark or design. Arnold + Siedsma is one of the few patent and trademark offices with its own specialist drawing department with professional draughtsmen. Arnold + Siedsma draughtsmen c ... Read more

Business plan

Unfortunately, having an innovative product and protecting it effectively will not also guarantee its commercial success. It is important to look ahead, to have a vision in order to be aware of the possible pitfalls and opportunities that go hand in hand with the marketing of your product. A good ... Read more

Innovation Box

The Innovation Box (formerly the Patent Box) is a tax scheme set up by the Dutch government. The aim of the scheme is to promote innovative activities in the Netherlands. The innovation box is intended for private and public limited companies. They can place the profits from innovative activities ... Read more

Tax reduction benefits in Belgium

Belgian companies subject to corporate tax can benefit from a deduction for patent related income. For more information please read  tax deduction of patent related incomes  (in Dutch) or contact one of our experts. Read more

SME portfolio (KMO portefeuille)

Arnold + Siedsma is an authorized service provider in the framework of the “KMO-portefeuille” (SME Portfolio), an initiative of the Flemisch government to support small and medium sized enterprises in Flanders. In the advice section, 50% support can be acquired (maximum € 2.500) f ... Read more

IP awareness

Intellectual Property can be very important to your business or organisation. Maximum benefit can be gained here only if the power and value of your intellectual property are recognised. To raise the profile of intellectual property, Arnold + Siedsma can help increase IP awareness in your company ... Read more

Dating of innovation

In addition to maintaining the secrecy of an invention and/or a secrecy declaration, the facility is available to date ideas and other items relating to Intellectual Property Rights. Subsequently, in the event of a conflict, this serves as proof that the idea was known to you in this form on the d ... Read more

Innovation strategy

In an innovation strategy, your company sets out its aims for future development in terms of innovation and how it intends to achieve these aims. Arnold + Siedsma can assist you in devising the innovation strategy of your business, if necessary in collaboration with one of our partners. Together, ... Read more

Portfolio management

If you have arranged protection for a number of ideas or products, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. This will certainly be the case if your portfolio includes a number of patents, designs and/or trademarks. Arnold + Siedsma can take over the management of your portfolio. Our systems a ... Read more


What value must be assigned to patent rights in the event of a takeover? And what is the position if you wish to grant or acquire a licence for a patent? Arnold + Siedsma offers independent advice. Due diligence or audit:Arnold + Siedsma can analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a patent portfo ... Read more

Training and secondment

Not only can Arnold + Siedsma specialists provide their clients with all necessary advice and assistance on a daily basis from their own offices, they can also work on projects on your own premises. The nature of such projects may vary significantly, for example the instruction and training of you ... Read more

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