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Business plan

Unfortunately, having an innovative product and protecting it effectively will not also guarantee its commercial success. It is important to look ahead, to have a vision in order to be aware of the possible pitfalls and opportunities that go hand in hand with the marketing of your product. A good business plan is based on arguments and helps with future choices. A business plan is part of being fully prepared, allowing you to make the most of your innovative product.

A good invention needs a good plan. Financial data relating to expected revenues, in combination with a detailed costing, are of great value - and certainly if a plan of this type is drawn up at an early stage.

Arnold + Siedsma specialists will be pleased to help you draw up a business plan. They are familiar with the various patent procedures and can give you bespoke advice on strategic choices. This will make you aware of the facilities that the protection of intellectual property can offer you.

You can expect a reasonably accurate costing from Arnold + Siedsma for all types of possible protection. Together with the financial figures for the market and sales outlets for your product, you can make a more accurate assessment of the actions required. And where our expertise ends, we have the right contacts to provide further help. Arnold + Siedsma works together with various reputable (financial) parties, including banks and accountants. Arnold + Siedsma also has an extensive network of boutique firms with specialist knowledge of the valuation of IP rights and the financing of your plans.

Get in touch with the specialists in this field: Michiel de Baat or Paul Hylarides.

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