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Innovation strategy

In an innovation strategy, your company sets out its aims for future development in terms of innovation and how it intends to achieve these aims.

Arnold + Siedsma can assist you in devising the innovation strategy of your business, if necessary in collaboration with one of our partners. Together, we can examine the aforementioned questions and other questions that need to be answered to help you define the strategy.


By choosing a specific strategy, you also choose a specific management of the available resources for innovation and portfolio management of your intellectual property rights. Arnold + Siedsma can advise you in making the best choice for you or your business.

For example, is it your company's strategy to obtain as many rights as possible, or do you opt for a strategic focus or spread of your protection? Do you abandon the protection of technology that you no longer use, or do you look for potential licensees for this technology to generate income? Arnold + Siedsma can advise you in formulating a strategy and will keep a finger on the pulse to ensure that the strategy is actually followed.

Risk managementis another important aspect. The competition does not sit still either. Do you wait until you are perhaps confronted with the rights of third parties, with all the consequences and costs that this entails, or do you opt for a more proactive monitoring of the competitor’s activities in order to avoid obstacles to your business operations in the future? Arnold + Siedsma can assist you in analysing the risks and devising the best strategy to reduce these risks.

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