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Patent services

Arnold + Siedsma provides a wide range of patent-related products and services. The service provision includes, for example, everything that is required in order to obtain a patent, maintenance of a patent, defence of a patent, and the taking of legal action against an infringer on the basis of a patent. Conversely, Arnold + Siedsma can also safeguard your interests if you are confronted with someone else’s patent.

Furthermore, the service provision extends far beyond the boundaries of Europe. Via our extensive international network, Arnold + Siedsma can take action for any party in virtually any country in the world. Our decades of experience and our excellent reputation make us your partner of choice to protect your interests at home and abroad.

This experience and reputation have enabled us to become the editor-in-chief of the internationally acclaimed “Manual of Intellectual Property”. This manual is used worldwide and provides access to the latest information on patents in all countries of the world.

Drawing up a patent

Drawing up patents is perhaps the most essential part of the patent attorney's work; Arnold + Siedsma patent attorneys are capable of setting any invention out in writing to enable it to be protected. Drafting a patent application First of all, it is important to find a patent attorney with the ... Read more

Searches and monitoring

Patents are a source of information for your company. If you are in the process of developing a new product or method, you may be put onto some good ideas by consulting patent publications. If the inventions which are described in these patent publications have never resulted in a granted patent, ... Read more

Patenting procedures

A patent is valid only in the country or group of countries for which it has been granted. In order to obtain a patent, the drafted text and any drawings must be filed with the patenting body of the country concerned, and the procedure prescribed in that country must be followed. Arnold + Siedsma ... Read more

Validation of a European patent

If a European patent is granted, it is divided up into exactly as many national patent rights as the number of countries that you have designated. A validation procedure must be followed for each of these countries. For a number of countries, this validation procedure is merely a formality. In oth ... Read more

Maintenance of a patent

A recurring fee must be paid to the granting (authority) body for virtually every patent right that is applied for or granted. This payment, known as the annual fee or maintenance fee, must be paid on time. Arnold + Siedsma will pay the annual fees at your request. Arnold + Siedsma will arrange t ... Read more

Nullification proceedings & oppositions

If you believe that a competitor has been granted a patent unlawfully, you can contest the patent. A first option here is to conduct opposition proceedings through the patenting body. An opposition must take place within a fixed period after the patent has been granted. The patent attorney will d ... Read more

Patent infringement

The question as to whether a patent has been infringed is answered in an infringement assessment. In an infringement assessment, the patent attorney indicates how likely it is that specific designs of a specific product or a specific method fall within the scope of protection of a specific patent ... Read more

Infringement proceedings

In the event of (an accusation of) infringement, Arnold + Siedsma can represent your interests before the court or other authorised bodies. If an infringement has been committed against your invention, we can assist you with full knowledge of the facts. We will ensure that your acquired rights ar ... Read more

Design around

As a business, you will prefer to offer products and/or services without infringing third-party patent rights. Conversely, as patent holder, you will want the broadest possible protection for your creations, and you will also want to be able to take action against competitors who may intentionally ... Read more


Release or ‘freedom to operate’ are terms which can be used concomitantly and which refer to an investigation that is carried out before the market launch of a product or method to determine whether your product or method possibly infringes one or more third-party patents. Arnold + Si ... Read more

Appeal procedures at the EPO

Arnold + Siedsma is one of the most experienced offices in the field of appeal procedures at the European Patent Office. This specialist knowledge has been acquired over the years and can offer you a significant advantage in the event of an appeal procedure. Arnold + Siedsma is also frequently cal ... Read more

Supplementary protection certificates

For medicinal products and plant protection products, you can apply for supplementary protection certificates in addition to the patent. This is due in part to the fact that you need a licence to market the product. This normally takes a long time, due to the research into possible side-effects. W ... Read more

Semiconductor topographies

Since 1987, legislation has been in place throughout the European Union offering the producers of semiconductor topographies ten-year protection against imitation. In some European countries, a timely registration of the semiconductor topographies and/or a mask filing is also required for this pro ... Read more

Database law

As a company, you have collected the information you require over time. Part of this information is stored in databases. You perhaps wish to disclose part of this information, for example to your customers or the general public. The creation (and maintenance) of a database is often a time-consumin ... Read more

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