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Nullification proceedings & oppositions

If you believe that a competitor has been granted a patent unlawfully, you can contest the patent.

A first option here is to conduct opposition proceedings through the patenting body. An opposition must take place within a fixed period after the patent has been granted. The patent attorney will draw up a notice of opposition for you, submit it to the patenting body and defend it during the further course of the proceedings. The proceedings end with a decision to revoke the patent, to maintain the patent in amended form or maintain the patent in unamended form.

Another option is to have the patent declared totally or partially invalid by a court.

Whichever option you choose, the Arnold + Siedsma patent specialists are here to help you protect your rights in the best possible way.

Invalidation procedure

If you would like to contest a patent via legal proceedings, we will formulate a special team - often featuring a lawyer and a patent attorney - to compile the official objection, file it and defend it in the courts. Arnold + Siedsma is perfectly placed to deal with such cases because it houses la ... Read more

Opposition in Europe

You can oppose a granted patent because you believe that it involves existing technology and fails to meet the criteria, such as novelty and inventive step, which a patent application must meet. Although the patenting bodies try to examine the prior art as fully as possible, information may nevert ... Read more

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