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Patent infringement

The question as to whether a patent has been infringed is answered in an infringement assessment.

In an infringement assessment, the patent attorney indicates how likely it is that specific designs of a specific product or a specific method fall within the scope of protection of a specific patent.

Different situations can be distinguished:

Infringement of your patent

In the event of an imminent infringement of your patent rights, Arnold + Siedsma can advise you on the steps you can take and can assist you in the process. If, as patent holder, you wish to stop a third party from infringing your patent rights, it is advisable to bring the existence of your pate ... Read more

Accusation of infringement

If your competitor believes that you are infringing one of its patents, this may signify a threat to your business activities. Arnold + Siedsma can assist you in removing the threat quickly and efficiently. The patent attorney, possibly assisted by the lawyer, will investigate, for example, wheth ... Read more

Conflicting patent

If your competitor’s patents are based totally or partially on the same technology, it may be the case that neither of you has complete freedom of action (“freedom to operate”). The situation may arise, for example, in which you infringe a competitor’s patent, but the compe ... Read more

Competitor's patent application

You can engage Arnold + Siedsma to determine the patent positions of the competition and the latest developments in your area of work through targeted searches in the patent registers. We can then track these positions and advise you on the scope of patent rights that can be expected. You can att ... Read more

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