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Patenting procedures

A patent is valid only in the country or group of countries for which it has been granted. In order to obtain a patent, the drafted text and any drawings must be filed with the patenting body of the country concerned, and the procedure prescribed in that country must be followed.

Arnold + Siedsma can support these grant procedures in virtually any country in the world, either directly or indirectly via the associate patent attorneys from our international network. Procedures for obtaining and maintaining patent, trademark and design rights entail a large number of formalities in the form of fixed rules and deadlines. Failure to comply with the rules or meet a deadline may result in the irretrievable expiry of the right. Arnold + Siedsma has specialised computer systems to keep tabs on all of these formalities and ensure that they are completed correctly and in a timely manner. Arnold + Siedsma can relieve you of the concerns associated with these formalities and can handle the administration relating to all of your patent, trademark and design rights, at home and abroad.

Knowledge of how to complete formalities correctly, and a reliable system to monitor the deadlines by which the formalities must be completed are essential.

Granting of patents in Belgium

For Belgium, the body responsible for granting Belgian patents is the Office for Intellectual Property (Dienst voor de Industriële Eigendom – DIE).

Granting of patents in the Netherlands

Arnold + Siedsma has been authorised for more than 90 years to represent its clients directly in the Netherlands.The responsible body is the NL Agency, formerly also known as the Industrial Property Office or Patent Office.

Granting of patents in Europe

In filing one patent application with the European Patent Office (EPO), you can obtain a patent in a large number of European countries (currently 37). It makes sense to apply for a European patent if you require the patent in more than two to three European countries. For registration in three countries or fewer, one application per country is often more economical.

Close to European patent office: Arnold + Siedsma has offices close to the two offices of the European Patent Office in Munich and The Hague. These offices handle European and PCT patent applications. This also allows us to discuss your application personally with the European examiners who must grant the patent.

International patent application (PCT procedure)

Arnold + Siedsma is authorised to draw up and file international patent applications.

Granting of patents in other countries

Over the last 90 years, Arnold + Siedsma has built up a global partner network. A patent application can be filed via the partners in virtually any country.

Thanks to the many years of cooperation with our foreign partners, Arnold + Siedsma now has the ideal network to safeguard the international aspects of your patent application in every respect. This applies not only to the handling of foreign patent applications, but also to aspects that may arise after a foreign patent has been granted, for example if an infringement occurs abroad.

Utility models

A less well-known form of protection is known as the utility model. A utility model is in fact also referred to as a ‘small patent’. A utility model is generally less costly than a patent and the requirements imposed on a utility model are in principle less stringent. The utility model ... Read more

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