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Searches and monitoring

Patents are a source of information for your company. If you are in the process of developing a new product or method, you may be put onto some good ideas by consulting patent publications. If the inventions which are described in these patent publications have never resulted in a granted patent, or if the patent has since expired, it is permissible to use these inventions. However, if a given patent is still valid, it is better for you to know this at the start of your product development. You may, for example, try to obtain a licence for this patent or change the direction of your product development to avoid further problems from this patent.

There are indeed countless other reasons for being and remaining informed about patent applications and patents in the field of technology in which your company is active or intends to become active. These are described in the following summary of a number of different types of searches.

A search in the literature is also referred to as a patent search, or simply a search.

Arnold + Siedsma has access to a large number of databases and registers, so that it can carry out a thorough search for you. For in-depth or specialist searches, our patent attorneys work together with a number of specialist search offices. We evaluate the technical and legal implications of the results of these searches.

Preliminary search

Preliminary searches are important for your research & development, as they give you an idea of the technical field you are embarking on or intend to embark on in future. On the one hand, the patent documents which are found can give you an insight into how others have solved specific technica ... Read more

Monitoring a competitor's patent portfolio

Arnold + Siedsma can arrange for a search to be carried out in the patent databases and international patent registers to investigate the patents of the competition. This search can be carried out as a one-off exercise, but in many cases it will be repeated periodically, for example once a month o ... Read more

Opposition - preparation

Opposition or nullification proceedings are proceedings conducted in order to demonstrate the invalidity of a patent. In order to increase the likelihood of success in proceedings of this type, a search is carried out in the literature to find publications which are earlier than the invention conc ... Read more

Status check

It is important to know what the status of a patent (application) is. A patent may have already expired, in which case it will no longer cause you any problems. It is also possible that a filed patent application has not yet been granted. By consulting the correspondence between the patent applica ... Read more

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