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Trademark-related services

Arnold + Siedsma provides a broad range of services in the intellectual property domain. An overview is presented here of a number of the services which relate to all aspects of trademark law.

The service provision extends from the trademark creation phase through to the registration and defence of your trademark rights. It includes:

  • advice on and research into the availability of a trademark;
  • registration of the trademark
  • compliance with the registration procedures with the aim of obtaining the exclusive right to the trademark
  • defence of your trademark rights
  • monitoring your trademark rights or those of your competitor
  • taking actions against use of the trademark registrations of third parties
  • maintenance and management of your trademark portfolio.

Through our extensive international network, we can take the required actions for you in any country, anywhere in the world. Furthermore, we are the editor-in-chief of the Manual of Intellectual Property (international manual for the protection of, for example, trademarks on a worldwide scale) and thus have access to the most recent information on the protection of trademarks and all related aspects in the widest possible range of countries.

The geografical area

Trademark registrations are geographically restricted. Protection extends only over the area in which the registration is valid. Although protection is often sought in the largest possible geographical area, the extent of this area is restricted by the investments associated with the trademark reg ... Read more

Advice on your trademarks

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Trademark searches

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A trademark is registered for specific products and/or services. This product and/or service description is referred to as the classification. It is important to think carefully about the products/services for which you intend to use your trademark, now and in the near future. Immediately at the t ... Read more

Filing a trademark

The only way to obtain an exclusive right for your trademark is to file and definitively register it. Arnold + Siedsma is involved on a daily basis with the filing of trademarks for its clients with the official body or bodies designated for that purpose. It then also has frequent contact with the ... Read more

Compliance with the registration procedure

Procedures for obtaining and maintaining trademark protection are bound up with formalities defined in the form of a large number of rules and deadlines. Failure to comply with these rules or meet these deadlines may cause your trademark application to lapse. Knowledge of these procedures with the ... Read more


An opposition is an administrative procedure before the official bodies of a specific country or a specific region, whereby the holder of an earlier (trademark) right can lodge an objection against the registration of a later application for a corresponding trademark. As a result of the available ... Read more


Trademark registrations have an infinite lifespan, provided that they are renewed in a timely manner. The protection lasts for 10 years and can be extended in each case by 10-year periods. If a trademark registration is not renewed in a timely manner, the rights will lapse and you as the trademar ... Read more

Infringement assessment

Hindrance in the market occurs if trademarks resemble one another too closely and are used for products that are identical or could originate from the same company. A conflict then arises. This unwanted use can result in a loss of revenue with the result that the trademark is no longer unique and ... Read more

Nullification assessment

Nullification proceedings are concerned with the declaration of invalidity of a trademark registration. The view is held that the protection should never have been granted. Reasons for an action of this type may involve the purely descriptive character of the mark, a trademark that has been filed ... Read more

Trade names

Trade names are closely connected to trademarks, as the dividing line between the name of the company and the trademark with which its services are distinguished cannot always be so clearly defined. The rights to a trademark and a trade name may then also affect one another and it is also importan ... Read more

Domain names

Domain names and the Internet have now become an indispensable part of our daily lives. This directly reflects the value of a domain name for a trademark holder, as his unique Internet address. No single right attaches to the domain name itself. A third party cannot therefore be prohibited on that ... Read more

downloads trademark monitoring

Download here the General Information & Conditions Trademark Monitoring: General Information & Conditions Trademark Monitoring NL General Information & Conditions Trademark Monitoring BE Read more

Do the Arnold + Siedsma brand/trademark check
Arnold + Siedsma would be pleased to quickly check whether your trademark (word / logo / etc) is protected and / or has opportunities for improvement.
By answering the following questions, we can give you some brief advice. This free service is only a limited check.
If you have more questions, please feel free to contact Nicole van Roon, or +31 70 3654833.