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Drawing up classifications

A trademark is registered for specific products and/or services. This product and/or service description is referred to as the classification. It is important to think carefully about the products/services for which you intend to use your trademark, now and in the near future. Immediately at the time when your trademark is filed, a full summary of all relevant products and/or services can be included, given that it is not possible to add products or services to the classification at a later stage. The classification used when the trademark is filed can only be further restricted at a later stage if a further specification of products or services takes place or specific products or services are withdrawn. On the basis of its many years of experience, Arnold + Siedsma can draw up the correct classification for you and in consultation with you, and can give you expert advice on the options that are available in this context.

The scope of protection

The classification plays an important part in the ultimate scope of protection of your trademark, given that it indicates the products and services for which you require/claim protection. In establishing the scope of protection of a trademark, the investigation focuses not only on the trademark as ... Read more

Trademark rights and interests of third parties

The classification also plays a part in the assessment of your trademark application by third parties. If they cannot infer from the classification in your trademark application what your specific interest is, or a summary is provided of a diverse range of products which are not of genuine interes ... Read more

Other countries

In principle, the classification used for your first trademark application forms the basis for the protection in other countries. However, different classifications are sometimes used in other countries, and in some cases no classification system even exists. On the basis of knowledge acquired and ... Read more

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