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Filing a trademark

The only way to obtain an exclusive right for your trademark is to file and definitively register it. Arnold + Siedsma is involved on a daily basis with the filing of trademarks for its clients with the official body or bodies designated for that purpose. It then also has frequent contact with these officials and partners around the world.

Our trademark attorneys are expert in every aspect of the registration and supervise the procedure efficiently and effectively from start to finish. The area of work is not limited to the Benelux, but extends to all countries where registration is desired and possible, anywhere in the world.

Arnold + Siedsma will be pleased to work with you to devise the correct strategy to achieve effective protection for your trademarks, allowing you to maximise the benefits that the different registration options can offer you.

European trademarks

With one registration at the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante, Spain, it is possible to obtain a Community trademark. A Community registration is regarded as a single entity (all or nothing) and offers protection in all 27 EU member states. Read more

Benelux trademarks

Trademark registration for the Benelux takes place at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) in The Hague. A Benelux registration offers protection in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. These three countries have no separate protection facility of their own for trademarks. Read more

International trademarks

An International Registration can be obtained via the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva. The International Registration offers a system with which a bundle of national trademark registrations can be implemented (for countries affiliated to this system, currently around 80 c ... Read more

National trademarks

A trademark can be filed in any country in which registration is desired and possible, anywhere in the world. This can be done directly through the designated official body in the country concerned. Arnold + Siedsma has access to a global partner network to make this happen for you. Arnold + Sieds ... Read more

The best means of protection

Most countries have their own national trademark law and many of them are also signatories to international treaties offering a scheme for a specific bundle or a specific geographical area for protection. Precisely because of these overlaps, it is not a simple matter to choose the option that will ... Read more

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Arnold + Siedsma would be pleased to quickly check whether your trademark (word / logo / etc) is protected and / or has opportunities for improvement.
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