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Trademark searches

Trade name

Under certain circumstances, an earlier trade name may cause problems for the launch and protection of a trademark. Prior to the launch of a trademark, it is therefore important to find out whether trade names exist which pose a potential risk. Arnold + Siedsma can carry out these searches for yo ... Read more


There are millions of registered trademarks to which a specific claim to protection is linked. The launch of a new trademark requires substantial investments in production, advertising and marketing. Preliminary research into the availability of a trademark is vitally important to prevent investme ... Read more

Domain names

The Internet has now become an indispensable part of our daily lives. The ability to find your trademark via the Internet is therefore of great value. The best way to ensure this is to use a domain name that is identical to your trademark. However, the problem here is that domain names can only be ... Read more

Competitor's portfolio

If you wish to be informed about the trademark portfolio of competitors, Arnold + Siedsma can provide you with a complete overview of the trademarks that have been registered or applied for in the name of a specific company, organisation or natural person in the official trademark register of a sp ... Read more


As a trademark holder, you have a legal obligation to act against third parties that come too close to your trademark. If you fail to act, you run the risk of being criticised yourself for contributing to the descent into anonymity of your trademark and the loss of its unique “face” (d ... Read more

Status search

It is sometimes important to find out the status of a trademark application/registration. A trademark registration may have been withdrawn or may have expired, as a result of which it will no longer present a risk. Arnold + Siedsma has access to many national and international databases and maint ... Read more

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