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With 12 branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, Arnold + Siedsma is a 'full-service' provider of services in the field of intellectual property. Our professional patent, trademark and design attorneys - as well as our in-house legal experts - protect and enforce intellectual property on a daily basis, like that concerning technology, processes, innovative products, trademarks, models and (product) designs.

Our activities involve assessing new innovations, compiling and applying for patent and trademark applications, defending patents and trademarks in case of infringement, and offering strategic and operational advice about intellectual property. 

With over 120 employees, our company not only represents large and small European clients, but also overseas clients from places like the United States and Asia.

Protect your invention

Perhaps you want to get investors or manufacturers interested in what you have created and turn it into a commercial success. Before you do this, it is important to ensure that your invention is adequately protected against imitation by competitors. Then you will personally soon reap the financial rewards of all your efforts.

More than 90 years of international technical expertise

Arnold + Siedsma is driven by your ideas. We have more than 90 years experience in the legal protection of inventions, trademarks and designs for both small independent companies and large multinationals at home and abroad.

Arnold + Siedsma has more than forty technical and legal specialists in-house with in-depth knowledge of all innovative sectors of industry. We also have an in-house contact for you for each invention, with specialist knowledge of your technical field.

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