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MIP editor-in-chief

Arnold + Siedsma is editor-in-chief of the internationally renowned “Manual for the Handling of Applications for Patents, Designs and Trademarks Throughout the World”. This publication is also known by the name of the “Manual of Industrial Property”, or simply “The Brown Book”.

Started in 1927, it now includes some 200 countries, spread over eight parts and several thousand pages. This manual is used by virtually all Intellectual Property (IP) professionals and is the most comprehensive and authoritative standard work for international IP practice.

Together with some one hundred local agents/authors, we strive to maintain the quality and usability of the manual and improve it wherever possible. The manual is published by Kluwer Law International in a loose-leaf printed version, and an online version has been available since 2006.


•             Rob Vernout

Copy editor:

•             Constance Zigtema

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