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Arnold + Siedsma is a full-service provider. This means that we have in-house specialists from all disciplines. Our patent attorneys, trademark and design attorneys and lawyers work closely together. We can pull together a team from several disciplines for our clients so that problems and issues are communicated between the different disciplines quickly, seamlessly and without unnecessary costs. Arnold + Siedsma is uniquely placed as a service provider in the Netherlands thanks to this team-based approach. Our aim is to ensure that you have maximum legal protection.

Arnold + Siedsma has close ties not only with the bodies which grant patent, trademark and design rights (EUIPO, EPO, Intellectual Property Office (Dienst Intellectuele Eigendom - DIE), BOIP, NL Patent Office (NL Octrooicentrum - OCNL), but also with the courts which must ultimately decide on these rights. We have substantial experience in litigation and opposition proceedings. So we know full well how decisions are made on intellectual property rights when the need arises. If someone wishes to oppose your patent or trademark, our attorneys and lawyers will be pleased to conduct the defence on your behalf. Conversely, if you find that a patent or trademark has been unlawfully granted to someone, we will instigate opposition proceedings with the patenting body or invalidity proceedings through the courts to declare the patent or trademark null and void.

Furthermore, we are equally familiar with the drafting of agreements between parties wishing to share the use of a patent, trademark or other property right.

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