Addick Land MSc.

Partner, European patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney, Belgian patent attorney

Addick Land

computer technology, electrical engineering, physics, food and food production industry, medical engineering, mechanical engineering

Delft University of Technology, applied physics, Erasmus University Rotterdam, law

He is one of the most experienced patent attorneys, specialising in conducting proceedings in the fields of electronics, ICT, semiconductors, nanotechnology, aerospace engineering and software.

Whenever a conflicting trademark, design or patent arises, Addick is designated to carry out an in-depth substantive analysis of the case and conduct robust negotiations or proceedings. He does not hesitate to put his shoulder to the wheel to safeguard the rights of his clients. He can also often be found in the chambers of the European Patent Office or the Dutch court in The Hague. However, he finds that it is most satisfying for a client if he can prevent proceedings by indicating how a patent can be circumvented.

In addition to his work for the SME sector, Addick has specialised in proceedings between major multinationals. He has extensive experience in international patent disputes and expert knowledge of the differences between European and American patent law. He has intervened successfully, for example, in proceedings instigated by Airbus against The Boeing Company.

Addick has been chairmain of the executive committee of Arnold & Siedsma for several years until March 2015.

What others say about Addick:
Knowledgeable, strategic and if necessary 'aggressive'.

IAM Patent1000 about Addick:
"Many opponents secretly would rather concede defeat than face the immensely experienced Addick Land. He has successfully pleaded Boeing’s case on several occasions before the European Patent Office (EPO)." Read more:

Employment history:

1984 - present: Arnold & Siedsma patent attorney
1988: European patent attorney
1984: Delft University of Technology
Applied Physics in the “Computational physics” specialist group
1 year of law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

Outside activities and memberships:
Addick is a member of the Dutch Institute of Patent Attorneys, the European Patent Institute (EPI), former deputy member of the Patent Qualification Committee (PQC), a Board member of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI), a member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), and a member of the BMM, INTA, LAS.        
As a member of the European Qualification Committee, Addick is responsible for producing and marking papers for the European qualification examination for trainee European patent attorneys in the specialist field of opposition.

He is also a member of the Utrechtse ondernemingssociëteit [Utrecht Enterprise Society] and the Haagse Maatschappij [The Hague Society] and gives lectures on patent-related subjects.


From his studies in Applied Physics, Addick (main subject area Computational Physics) has a great affinity with electrical engineering and computer-related inventions.
Addick intervened successfully to arrange for the President of the European Patent Office to submit questions on computer-related inventions to the ‘Board of Appeal’.

Addick has been involved on a number of occasions in advisory cases relating to MP3, CD and DVD technologies.

Telephone: +31 70 2365483