Alex Kamphuis MSc

Dutch patent attorney

Alex Kamphuis

Mechanical Engineering, Granular Media

Alex joined Arnold & Siedsma in 2016 and has been registered as a Dutch Patent Attorney since 2019. Alex works for clients from many different markets, ranging from scientifically oriented engineering firms to suppliers to the automotive industry. Alex has teamed up to do business for one-man inventors, SMEs and multinationals.

Before he started working at Arnold & Siedsma, Alex worked as a researcher at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and as an associate at a student advice centre. His graduation research at the Multiscale Mechanics group at the University of Twente and the Granular Group of the DLR on non-linear pressure waves in granular media involved, amongst other things, simulations and experiments in a zero-gravity environment (parabolic flights).

During his studies, Alex worked on various open source software packages, including a front-end for a robotics framework, which led to a publication in a Springer book (Dec. 2016). This provided Alex with further experience using quadcopters in collaborative systems, which was also the topic of his bachelor dissertation.

Other people about Alex:
Quick, Smart, Enthusiastic

Work experience:
2016 – 2020: trainee patent attorney at Arnold & Siedsma
2020 - present: Dutch patent attorney at Arnold & Siedsma

2014: Bachelor in Advanced Technology (UTwente)
2016: Master's in Mechanical Engineering (UTwente)

Dutch, English

Telephone: +31 53 431 97 22