Arjen Hooiveld MSc.

Partner, European patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney

Arjen Hooiveld

Computer technology, physics, medical technology, mechanical engineering

University of Amsterdam, mathematics and physics.
Open University, Dutch law

He trained as a patent attorney with Philips and started up a patent practice in 1986 with the international law firm Trenité Van Doorne. In 1997, he set up Arnold & Siedsma’s Amsterdam office.

Arjen handles patent applications for national and international clients, primarily in the fields of “automotive”, “steppers” and “scanners” for the production of semiconductors, agricultural instruments, packaging, agricultural and horticultural greenhouses, optical equipment and concrete products. He also defends granted patents in opposition and appeal proceedings, primarily before the European Patent Office. Arjen has also specialised in so-called ‘restoration proceedings’. The validity of a patent that has inadvertently been allowed to expire can be restored on the basis of these proceedings.

Arjen offers national and international clients a ‘no-nonsense’ service in the patent field, in both a preventive sense (advice) and a remedial sense (proceedings). In practice, he offers a personal ‘no-nonsense’ service. Transparency in the way that he works and charges for his services, combined with a high level of personal commitment, are the ingredients that enable Arjen to achieve the best possible results.

What others say about Arjen:
Critical and driven, with a sense of humour

Employment history:

1984 - 1986: Trainee patent attorney at Philips
1986 - 1997: Patent attorney at Trenité (partner 1991-1997)
1997 - present: Patent attorney and partner at Arnold & Siedsma
1984: University of Amsterdam, mathematics and physics
2004: Open University, Dutch law
Outside activities and memberships:
Institute of Patent Attorneys; EPI; AIPPI; UNION; LES; BMM; Chairman of the Supervisory Board; member of the Disciplinary Committee

Telephone: +31 20 6444000