Bart Laenen PhD

Partner, European patent attorney, Belgian patent attorney

Bart Laenen

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy

Bart Laenen succeeds each time in mastering again the idea or the invention that is presented to him. As a result, he is proactive, not just in elaborating a patent application or argumentation in defending a file, but also in expanding the field of vision of the client in question. As a result, he is also capable of providing advice which has the starting point of the position and the interests of the client. He often sets tight deadlines for himself and will do everything to obtain them, or at least, en route, keeping the client informed about the processing of a project.

What others say about Bart:
Empathetic, proactive, realistic, informing, educational, critical

Employment history:
2020 - present: Partner, European & Belgian Patent Attorney at Arnold & Siedsma
2020 - 2007: Founder & Managing Director – EPA, BPA, Benelux Trademark Agent, EUIPO Trademark Agent at LC Patents
1999 - 2007: Patent Manager at Johnson & Johnson

1995-1999 PhD in Sciences at UHasselt

Dutch, English, German and French

Outside activities and memberships:
Member of EPI (Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office)

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Laenen B., Verhaert P., Schoofs L., Steels P., van Kerkhove E..- Partial identification of a peptide that stimulates the primary urine production of single isolated Malphigian tubules of the forest ant , Formica polyctena.- In: Journal of insect physiology, 45(1999), p. 743-753

Dewilde S., Laenen B., van Hauwaert M.-L., Blaxter M., Vanfleteren J., Moens L..- Structural characterization of the hemoglobin of Gasterophilus intestinalis.- In: Physiological zoology, 68(1995), p. 83

Telephone: +32 11 25 67 88