Bram Janssen PhD

trainee patent attorney

Bram Janssen

Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Medical Biology, Immunology, Life Sciences, Bioinformatics.


Before starting at Arnold & Siedsma in Hasselt, Bram conducted research in a European financed health study where he established the outlines. He studied how air pollution affects the molecular mechanisms that are the basis for developing cardio and respiratory diseases. In 2012, he was awarded the Pfizer Young Investigator Award, which led to numerous national and international collaborations that included Harvard University, Newcastle University and Helmholtz Zentrum in Munich.

Bram has immense experience in the field of molecular biology (biomarkers, genomics up to metabolomics), molecular diagnostics, epidemiology, medical and bio-medical imaging as well as biostatistics and bioinformatics. He is always pleased to share his knowledge in the Life Sciences sector with others.

With his eye for detail, critical view of matters and affinity for organising, he delves deeply and goal-oriented in a project. His multidisciplinary and international background has made him a strong figure in terms of content and communication, enabling him to advice clients in the best possible and most clear manner.

What others say about Bram:
Sincere, critical, team player.

Employment history:
PhD training in Biomedical Sciences (Epidemiology), University of Hasselt. Guest researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University. Guest researcher at the Institute of Molecular Toxicology & Pharmacology, Helmholtz Zentrum Munich. Post-doctorate researcher, University of Hasselt. Post-doctorate researcher,Scientific Research Fund (Dutch: FWO). Patent attorney in training, Arnold & Siedsma.

2017 - 2018: Specific Teacher's Training – De Oranjerie Centre for Adult Education (Dutch: CVO).
2011 - 2016: PhD training in Biomedical Sciences (Epidemiology).
2009 - 2011: MSc in Environmental Health Sciences - University of Hasselt.
2006 - 2009: BSc in Biomedical Sciences – University of Hasselt.

Dutch, Englisch.

On the door to success, you can always see the term ‘PUSH' On the door to success, you can always see the term ‘PUSH'.