Joost Grootscholten MSc.

Partner, European patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney, Belgian patent attorney

Joost Grootscholten

Computer technology, electrical engineering, physics, medical technology, mechanical engineering, technologies based on technical standards and specifications (CD; DVD; BluRay; GSM; MP3, etc.), which are claimed to be covered under the protection of Intellectual Property (IP)

Delft University of Technology, Electrical Engineering

Since he started work as a patent attorney in 1993, Joost has gained broad experience in a wide range of technical areas. He has drafted and produced patent applications in the fields of nanotechnology, MEMS technology, semiconductor technology, RF-ID, smartcards, digital media, mechanical engineering configurations, telecommunications, navigation systems, telephony, bicycle components and umbrellas.

He specialises in the patenting of inventions relating to electrical engineering and, in particular, software. In recent years, he has been involved in large, complex legal and advisory cases relating to CD, DVD, BluRay, MP3, GSM (including the tapping thereof), and many other technologies which, for compatibility purposes, are often based on standards and technical specifications. In these cases, the specifications serve to ensure accessibility for the public to the technologies, while the manufacturers actually share the market. A problem in which laws on restrictive practices also come into play.

The commercial interests of the client are Joost’s top priority. Proceedings are a means to an end and not an end in themselves. He will always employ all his expertise and creativity to safeguard the interests of his client. He tries to find creative ways to avert impending escalations between parties, without of course making any concessions to harm the interests of the client.

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