Paul van der Valk PhD MSc

trainee patent attorney

Paul van der Valk

Areas of expertise:
Mechanical Engineering

Delft University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering

Paul began working as a trainee patent attorney at Arnold & Siedsma in 2017. Prior to this he worked for a number of years as a research and development engineer for an international wind turbine manufacturer, where the focus of his work was on the implementation and improvement of the various models and methods used to design supporting structures for offshore wind turbines.

Paul obtained his PhD degree from Delft University of Technology after successfully defending his dissertation: ‘Coupled Simulations of Wind Turbines and Offshore Support Structures: Strategies based on the Dynamic Substructuring Paradigm’. He carried out his work in close collaboration with one of the largest manufacturers of offshore wind turbines, meaning that, not only did his work appear in a range of publications, but that it was also immediately applied within an industrial environment.

Other about Paul:
Analytical, creative, enthusiastic, pragmatist

Employment history:

2017 - present: Trainee Patent Attorney at Arnold & Siedsma
2014 - 2017: Research and development engineer at Siemens Wind Power
2010 - 2014: PhD candidate at Delft University of Technology

2010 - 2014: Delft University of Technology: Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering
2007 - 2010: Delft University of Technology: Masters in Mechanical Engineering (Cum Laude)
2003 - 2007: Delft University of Technology: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

Dutch, English and German


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Telephone: + 31 70 365 48 33