Rob Vernout MSc

European patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney, Belgian patent attorney

Rob Vernout

Computer technology, ICT, physics, medical technology, mechanical engineering

Rob has been associated with Arnold & Siedsma as a patent attorney since 1998. He has substantial experience in the fields of mechanical and electromechanical devices, such as medical equipment, lighting, food processing, packaging, logistics solutions and agricultural instruments. In addition, Rob has specialised in the patenting of software.

Rob’s approach to work is highly client-oriented. He consults carefully with his clients and finds it very satisfying to guide them safely through the ‘patent minefield’ that lies in their path in the development and exploitation of new products. Here, he plays an advisory role to guarantee the best possible protection for a new invention. In Rob's experience, if a patent infringement is committed, a good strategy may sometimes be to seek to conclude a licence agreement.

Sometimes, however, legal proceedings cannot be avoided. If things go so far, Rob appears to be a combative type who believes that you then have to pull no punches.

Rob has a very broad background knowledge of all matters relating to intellectual property. He has gained a solid reputation as editor-in-chief of a world-renowned manual for patent, trademark and design attorneys (“The Brown Book”, (

What others say about Rob:
Client-oriented, understanding, resourceful

Employment history:
1998 - present: Patent attorney at Arnold & Siedsma

1991: Twente University, Mechanical Engineering (production methods)

Dutch, English, German, French

Outside activities & memberships:
Rob is a member of the Institute of Patent Attorneys, the European Patent Institute and the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI).
Rob is a partner in the innovation platform NextStage (

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Telephone: +31 20 6444000