Sara Reekmans PhD

European patent attorney, Belgian patent attorney

Sara Reekmans*

(Bio)chemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Immunology, Molecular Biology

Sara began in 2009 as a patent attorney assistant at LC Patents, which has been part of the A&S group since July 2020. Sara has a strong scientific-oriented background and a strong focus on clients in the Life Sciences sector, particularly universities, knowledge institutions and spin-offs of these. She likes to bring structure into the organisation of her work and that is also reflected in a transparent reporting to her clients.

What others say about Sara:
Detailed, structured, go-getter

Employment history:
*2020 - present: Owner Sunville Patents Bv and in that position she is assigned to Arnold & Siedsma as patent attorney.
2018 - 2020: Belgian and European Patent Attorney at LC Patents
2014 - 2018: European Patent Attorney at LC Patents
2009 - 2014: Trainee Patent Attorney at LC Patents
2004 - 2010: PhD - Medical Sciences at KU Leuven

2004-2010: PhD - Medical Scienceschappen (KU Leuven)
2001-2003: Master Biotechnology (UGent)
1999-2001: Bachelor Chemistry (UHasselt)

Dutch, English, German

Outside activities and memberships:
Member of EPI


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Reekmans S., "Is there a Future for Medical/Diagnostic Patents in the US?."- In: International Pharmaceutical Industry, Vol.5 Issue 1 (2013), p. 20-21

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Gordts PL, Reekmans S, Lauwers A, Van Dongen A, Verbeek L, Roebroek AJ.,"Inactivation of the LRP1 intracellular NPxYxxL motif in LDLR-deficient mice enhances postprandial dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis", Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol., 2009 Sep; 29(9): 1258-64

Roebroek AJ, Reekmans S, Lauwers A, Feyaerts N, Smeijers L, Hartmann D., "Mutant Lrp1 knock-in mice generated by recombinase-mediated cassette exchange reveal differential importance of the NPXY motifs in the intracellular domain of LRP1 for normal fetal Development", Mol Cell Biol. 2006 Jan;26(2):605-16

Telephone: +32 11 25 67 88