Willemyn Slikker MSc

European patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney

Willemyn Slikker

Mechanical engineering, physics (in particular fluid dynamics), energy technology, combustion technology, optical sensors, packaging

Eindhoven University of Technology, mechanical engineering

Willemyn’s patent work focuses on mechanical engineering inventions covering a wide range of specialist fields. She has substantial experience in drafting and defending patent applications, and in advising on infringement and assisting the client in any disputes relating to patent rights. In addition, she has gained experience as an independent expert in seizures of evidence.

Willemyn graduated “with distinction” from the mechanical engineering faculty of Eindhoven University of Technology (2008). Her bachelor’s degree studies focused on energy technology and, in particular, sustainable energy systems, such as wind turbines, solar cells, biomass conversion systems and reduction technologies. In her master’s degree, she specialised in heat and fluid dynamics, focusing in particular on combustion technology, for example in internal combustion engines.

Employment history:

2009 - present: Patent attorney at Arnold & Siedsma      
2008: Eindhoven University of Technology, mechanical engineering.
bachelor’s degree specialisation: energy technology (sustainable energy systems)
master’s degree specialisation: heat and fluid dynamics (combustion technology)

Dutch and English

Outside activities and memberships:
Membership of AIPPI, EPI
Member Lions
Member Jong Management

“Een prachtberoep” [“A fine profession”]   

Telephone: +31 53 4319722