Yannick Philippaerts MSc

European patent attorney, Belgian patent attorney

Yannick Philippaerts



Computer technology, electrical engineering, physics, medical devices, mechanical engineering

Limburg Catholic University College
Masters degree in Electro-Mechanical engineering

Due to an active involvement in several infringement cases, Yannick knows the ingredients necessary to succeed in such proceedings. He thinks along with both client and attorney at law to defend the interests of the client in the most efficient way. To this end Yannick has, besides experience and a good working knowledge of the patent matter, strong communication and cooperation skills.

For a multinational, the true importance of patents became clear when a competitor claimed licensing fees based on its patent portfolio. Yannick suggested to the client a tailor-made patent strategy which in a short time resulted in a catch-up. To this end, Yannick analyzed the needs and wishes of the client, and communicated the strategic options with their advantages and drawbacks to end up with a plan of action. The actions strengthened the position of the client in the market, and furthermore resulted in arguments that could be used in the licensing negotiations to improve the position of the client with respect to the competitor.

Yannick likes to dig into a new invention. He wants to understand ‘how’ and ‘why’ the invention is the way it is. Thereby, he is trained to ask the right questions. More often than not, he surprises his clients with his speed of understanding the technology, and the efficiency with which he masters the invention.

What others say about Yannick:
Truly interested, communicatively strong, concrete

Employment history:
2007-2011: Trainee Patent Attorney at Gevers
2011-present: Patent Attorney at Arnold & Siedsma
2013-present: Guest lecturer patent law KUL and UHasselt, where he teaches the basics of patent law to engineering students, thereby focussing on the practical knowledge that is required to recognize a patentable invention, to evaluate a competitor's patent and to search online patent databases.
2016-present: Owner YPat BVBA

Yannick studied at the Limburg Catholic University College, where he got his masters degree in Electro-Mechanical engineering with a strong focus on software.

Dutch, English, French


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Telephone: +32 3 213 5960