Yannick Philippaerts MSc

European patent attorney, Belgian patent attorney, Associate partner

Yannick Philippaerts*



Computer technology, electrical engineering, physics, medical devices, mechanical engineering

Yannick entered the patent profession straight after school in 2007. Over the years he has developed into an experienced patent attorney with an entrepreneurial spirit. During his career, Yannick has mainly focused on local inventors and small and medium-sized enterprises. Yannick engages in the thinking process, communicates fluently and provides no-nonsense advice to his clients.

Yannick has extensive experience in drafting and prosecuting patents. Over the past years, Yannick also gained a lot of experience in conflict situations both before the national court of Belgium and before the European Patent Office. It’s mainly in these types of situations that Yannick's ability to think outside the box is prominent. In any case, Yannick is willing to go the extra mile for the benefit of the client.

What others say about Yannick:
Truly interested, communicatively strong, concrete

Employment history:
2007-2011: Trainee Patent Attorney at Gevers
2011-present: Patent Attorney at Arnold & Siedsma
2013-present: Guest lecturer patent law KUL and UHasselt, where he teaches the basics of patent law to engineering students, thereby focussing on the practical knowledge that is required to recognize a patentable invention, to evaluate a competitor's patent and to search online patent databases.
*2016-present: Owner YPat BVBA and in that position he is assigned to Arnold & Siedsma as patent attorney.

Yannick studied at the Limburg Catholic University College, where he got his masters degree in Electro-Mechanical engineering with a strong focus on software.

Dutch, English, French


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Telephone: +32 3 213 5960