15 October 2019

Patents for gourmands

Belgium enjoys worldwide renown for its appreciation of the finer things in life; one of our country’s more notable associations is, in fact, with an epicurean lifestyle. Innovation is a necessity if Belgian companies are to remain ahead of the curve, now and in the future. In the world of gastronomy the Belgians are frontrunners in brewing beer and making waffles. Less well-known, perhaps, is the fact that Belgium is also famous throughout the world for manufacturing the waffle irons used to bake these waffles. The East Flanders company HVD makes waffle irons for professionals. HVD is a perfect example of the way in which small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from the support of intellectual property rights in their growth and enterprise strategy.

HVD is known throughout the world for reliability, durability, and quality, and the company has collaborated with acclaimed chefs such as Albert Adrià (of restaurant “El Bulli”). To meet the demands of its clients, HVD has developed a waffle iron that can produce delicate wafers or thin savoury crisps or chips. These can be made not only with traditional batter, but also with many other interesting ingredients of which vegetables, fruit, fish, and meat are only some of the countless possibilities. Regular waffle irons could not provide the required intense heat and elevated pressure levels in the batter. For that reason HVD has developed The Squeezer, which features several innovative aspects that have been patented. Arnold & Siedsma protected HVD’s interests in these patent applications, with quality and client focus as priorities.


Recently HVD won a Gault&Millau Culinary Innovators Product Award. “The jury was impressed not only by the texture and the speed, but also by the intense and pure flavour”, the Gault&Millau jury reported.

HVD protects its innovative products with patents and design and trademark registrations, such that the company can reap the benefits of its efforts. HVD is therefore a perfect example of the way in which intellectual property rights can support SMEs in their growth and enterprise strategy.