Accelerating the market launch

The market launch of an innovative product is preferably carried out as quickly as possible.

First and foremost, Arnold & Siedsma ensures that the legal foundations are in place so that you can get on with the market launch as quickly as possible. From a legal standpoint, it is important, for example, to consider confidentiality, the manner of collaboration with other parties (collaboration agreements, such as licensing, agency, distribution and transfer agreements should be considered here), forms of protection (patent, trademark, design, copyright), geographical scope (countries required and countries not required), etc.

With the right legal foundations in place, you can get to work on the market launch. Arnold & Siedsma can coordinate a part of this process, ensuring that you have the most appropriate protection for your market launch. To provide support for an international market launch, Arnold & Siedsma works together with reputable offices in various countries.


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