(bio)medical imaging, Computer science, Electrical engineering, Medical technology, Physics, Semiconductor technology, Software


Bas has worked in both industry and the liberal professions. Bas is a sworn Dutch and qualified European patent attorney.

Prior to Arnold & Siedsma, Bas worked at Schneider Electric, a French conglomerate active in energy management and industrial automation, where he supported German and French business units in tracing inventions and subsequently drafting patent applications. And by extension with portfolio management and strategy. In addition, for acquisitions he mapped out the status of the intellectual property rights, including the scope of protection, the validity of patent claims and the existence of security rights. Previously, he worked at Sonion, a manufacturer of components for hearing aids, where he experienced the growth spurt up to the acquisition by Novo Holdings: he therefore knows the Due Diligence process from both sides.

Bas studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente, specialising in biomedical signals & systems; i.e. muscle and/or nerve stimulation through electrodes for e.g. suppression of chronic pain, Parkinson tremors, or the possibility of learning to walk again for spinal cord injury patients.

Further technology areas in which Bas is pursuing patent protection are electromechanical transducers, MEMS, manufacturing processes, industrial automation, machine control, Industrial IoT, augmented reality, blockchain, software and renewable & distributed energy systems such as microgrids.

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