Hedwig van Driel PhD

European patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney




Hedwig started with Arnold & Siedsma (Eindhoven office) in 2014 as a trainee patent attorney. In 2017 she became a fully qualified patent attorney. Hedwig’s background is in theoretical physics, but in the course of her professional career she specialised in how to protect inventions with a software component. She likes to explore the grey area of ideas that may or may not be patentable, and she helps clients who are active in her field determine what their possibilities and options are. She is particularly interested in patents that involve machine learning and neural networks, biometric authentication, control engineering, simulations, and image and audio processing.

Hedwig regularly contributes articles to this website on developments in the world of intellectual property. She has also been active for more than 10 years as a film and popular culture journalist, writing for Dutch film magazine Schokkend Nieuws and occasionally appearing as a commentator on Dutch radio. Her work for Arnold & Siedsma gives her an ideal opportunity to indulge in her passion for language and for the exploration of the outer limits of technology.

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Geeky, critical, enthusiastic, open

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